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Little Firefly

Title: Little Firefly
Author:  crashtestskater
Fandom: Firefly
Rating:  G
Spoilers:  None
Warnings:  None
Summary: River singing causes Jayne frustration
Word Count: 187

Written for http://consci-fan-mo.livejournal.com/

“Little firefly, bye, bye, bye
Into space, fly, fly, fly
No more blue sky, sky, sky
I tell you, I’m shy, shy, shy
No, no, don’t cry, cry, cry,” River’s singing echoed through the ship.

Jayne grumbled.  “How long is she gonna keep up that gorram silly singing?”  He pulled down the earflaps of his orange tuque tight over his ears and growled again.

“Leave her be,” Shepherd Book said with his steady, calm voice.  “She’s not hurtin’ anyone or the ship.”

Kaylee nodded and gave a small smile.

“Malcolm go now, try, try, try,” River continued to sing.

The captain shook his head.  He didn’t need that crazy kid goin’ on about him.

“Try not to die, die, die”

Everyone stopped eating.  Eyes darted around the table.  Recent events obviously brought to mind.  It was a bloody miracle that they got off that roasting rock in one piece.  Sure, they got a few more scars, but they survived.

“Jayne you strange guy, guy, guy.”

Everyone but Jayne burst out laughing.  Jayne groaned and jabbed his stew with his fork.  The tension gone.  The family feeling returned.


Knock Knock

Title: Knock.  Knock
Author:  crashtestskater
Fandom:  The Muppet Show
Characters: Fozzie and Rowlf
Rating:  G
Spoilers:  None
Summary: Fozzie goes out to do his comedy sketch and is interrupted by Rowlf
Notes:  Reference to Doctor Who
Word Count: 268

This was written for day 6 of http://consci-fan-mo.livejournal.com/ Happy St. Nicholas Day everyone.

Fozzie ran on stage.  “Hiya.  Hiya.  Hiya.  Hi to all you great folks.  It’s Fozzie Bear here to tell the jokes.”

He looked up to the box where Statler and Waldorf usually sit.  The box was empty.  No hecklers.  No hecklers!

He adjusted his tie.  This was going to be good.

“Okay.  Okay.  Okay.  Here we go.  Knock.  Knock.”

The audience did their part and said, “Who’s there?”

“The Doctor,” Fozzie said as he put his hand on his tie.

“Doctor Who?” the audience chorused.

Fozzie took of his hat.  “Just the Doctor,” he said, spreading his arms wide and wiggling his ears.

Rowlf the Dog walked on stage, wearing his Dr. Bob costume for Veterinarian’s Hospital.  “You called?” Rowlf said.

Fozzie scratched his head and put his hat back on.  “What are you doing on stage?” he hissed to the dog.

Rowlf tilted his head side to side.  “You called for a doctor, didn’t you?” he whispered.

Fozzie sighed.  He held his head in his paw.  “It was a joke.”

“It’s no joke to call for help when you don’t need it.  Remember the story of the Boy who Cried Rowlf?

“Shouldn’t that be the Boy who Cried Wolf?” Fozzie asked, scratching his head.

“I’m a dog not a wolf,” Rowlf said then stormed off the stage.

Fozzie looked side to side.  His eyes glanced up at the empty box.  What would the old guys say to heckle him?

“Ah,” Fozzie exclaimed.  “I wonder if the Boy Who cried wolf is the son of Doctor Who?  Ah-ha.  Waka waka.  I am so funny.”

He exited stage right.

Teaching French

Another quick update on my life.  I am now teaching core French in the afternoon.  It is wonderful to have some stability in my life.  I might only be working almost half time, but it's enough to pay my rent, put gas in the car, and buy groceries.  Plus have a little to have fun like making costumes.


Job teaching = Happy

Woo hoo!!!! I got on with Kawartha Pine Ridge District School Board!!!!!! I am so excited. The interview process was wonderful. All of my interactions with this board have been warm and friendly. They designed the interview so that applicants could work collaboratively and really showcase their experiences.

Now all I have to do is find a good place to stay. Any one know of anyone in the Perterborough area with a nice apartment?


Rodent Wrangler

I think I need to add Rodent Wrangler to my resume.


  • Moved mice out of the motor of a 1986 Volkswagen Cabriolet

  • Chased chipmunks out of the basement at the cottage

  • Scared squirrels out of our family room

naye I am still keeping up with my magical powers of song.  As I was waiting for my parents to get home to help with the squirrel I stood guard to keep an eye on him so we’d know where him was.  He was squawking and squealing.  I some times talked to him.  I could still hear him complaining as I talked.  Then I started singing.  He quieted right down.  He really didn’t want to leave.  He stayed on the back step as I closed the door behind him.  The next day he was by the patio door.  He put his little paw up as if asking to come back in.  I didn’t open the door.


MUNCLE Easter Egg

With how busy I've been it was a joy to participate in an Easter Egg writing gift for another MUNCLE fan.  Here's my story with Napoleon and Illya coming back form a mission on a rainy spring day.

Rain, rain, go awayCollapse )


So, my grandmother Grace Ford passed away early this morning.  I was by her side.  I had to call my mom and brother to let them know.  Later we went to the funeral home to make arrangements.  We will have visitations on Monday evening and the service on Tuesday afternoon at Roadhouse and Rose Funeral Home in Newmarket Ontario.  It was strange working with mom to write grandma’s obituary.


My grandmother is in the hospital in the palliative care ward.


Les petits animaux chez moi

La nouvelle maison de mes parents est dans la campagne et il y a beaucoup de animaux.  Il y a tous sorte de oiseux dans les arbres.  Notre bassin est une maison pour des poissons rouges et grenouilles.  Ce matin il y avait un lapin sur les marches de la maison.  Pendant que j’ai manger mon déjeuner un tamia m’a regarder à travers patio porte.  Un écureuil noir a marché sur la terrasse.  Hier j’ai vue un oiseau-mouche.  Je suis peut-être la seule personne de ma famille ici à ce moment mais je ne suis pas tout seule.

Petit oiseux près de ma fenêtre
Presque invisible dans ton nid
Nerveux et timide t’es jamais tranquille

Petit grenouille vert et brun
Nages dans le bassin rond
Tu chantes au étioles dans la nuit

Petit colombe sur le toit
Chaque jour tu es contant
Tu roucoules pour saluer tout le monde

Petit poison dans le bassin
Les nénufars tes ombrelles
Dance entre fleurs blanches

Des Mauvais Nouvelles

Jeudi mes parent on possession de leur nouvelle maison.  Mon père et frère on parler et planifier comment on va déménager.  Mon père avait une longue liste de mauvaise nouvelle pour moi.

  1. Samedi on ne peuvent pas emmener mon vélo au nouvelle maison (ca va – n’importe quand on peuvent emmener mon vélo est bien)

  2. Je ne vais pas avoir mon lis pour un long temps.  Il est au arrière du grand casier. (pas de problème.  J’aurais au mois un matelas.)

  3. On ne va pas avoir internet pour quelle mois après de déménager.  (ce n’est pas si mal, il y a un Tim Horton’s asses proche de la nouvelle maison je peut aller la pour internet.)